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LittleLogCabin Always List
My always list, I share Primitive, Cutsey, Becky Kelly, D Hron, TKogut, Some Me, Cute Pinups, Americana/Patriotic, Tag List, and similar. Share will only be by me.

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1 Anzis_IM-Letters
0 1
Here you can get my new IM-letters as soon i make them.
I'm the only one that post, so the volume will be low.
2 letterz-from-home
0 0
An Incredimail group where ONLY creators will share their work with you. Incredimail Letterz, Tagz and Tubez. All content is G RATED and FAMILY FRIENDLY. We welcome all ages here. Find some of the mos
3 gDk Designs
0 0
Welcome! Happy that you found your way here. I create a variety of Incredimail stationery, ranging from cute, to elegant to Christian. This is G-Rated group. If you'd like to receive my new letters a
4 Imze's Incredimail Letters
0 0
A Family-Friendly group where I share my letters like Vintage, Flowers, Scenic, Animals. Just pretty things that I like most - and I hope you do too! I often make scroll letters and scrap letters! Fil
5 L-M Creators Cafe
0 1
Please come join Meg and Lane in celebrating the most wonderful Incredimail letter creations from the most wonderful Incredimail creators. You have nothing to do but sit back and snag. Some days mail volume may be high and some days it may be low but it w
6 DownOnCrippleCreek
0 1
This is the group formerly known as Twigwings & Pretty Things. You must have Incredimail to be a member and you must be set to Traditional. You can download a trial version of Incredimail here: www.In
7 incrediblygorjuss
0 0
If you love Suzanne Woolcott's art, then this is the place for you! We share tags,snags ans stationary using her work! Come join our online family!
8 ..::Shan's Tut Playground::..
0 0

New members only (paid) site offering Tutorials for creating Email Stationery. Members enjoy lots more goodies! Come check it out! :)
9 Friends_Gather_Here
0 0
We are a friendly group of ladies who love to snag and share or create family friendly stats, tubes, graphics, extras, etc. We will also have fun things to do to get to know each other better like the Question of the Day, etc.
10 MomsSharingStationeryAndTags
0 0
We share incredimail,tags,notifiers,skins and music.Some recipes.Very busy
Group.No AC.
11 JustStaci
0 1
This is a group for people named "Staci" to share IM stats and tagss.
12 Yvonne's Design's
0 1
This is where I share all my new IM stationery and
matching tags .I have a Few Tutorials and will be
adding more .
13 CrazyOverBlinkies
0 0
We share blinkies,animations and enjoy chatting.No AC.Ladies only.
14 Crockpot-Recipes-N-MoreOnIncredimail
0 0
A place to share crockpot recipes on incredimail.Do not have to have Incredimail to join.No AC.
15 Pat's Creations - Forever Blessed
0 0
Welcome to Pat's Creations - Forever Blessed. Hello! I'm so glad you've found your way here. This is where you will receive my INCREDIMAIL stats and tutorials in IMF format. I create a variety of I
16 Tags-For-Sandra
0 0
A group to share tags,blinkes,incredimail with the name Sandra or Sandy only.
Sharing some blank tags.No ac.
17 MBK Creations IM Tutorials
0 0
A wide range of IM Tutorials by MBKCreations.
This is a member section and new tutorials for Incredimail Letters are added constantly.
18 IMCreationsJust4U
0 0
I love to make Personalized stationary for Incredimail.There will be NO AC, EAC or SAC stats coming through this group at all. No chitchatting, stat makers will be the only ones sending through the gr
19 RTS Snagging & Tagging
0 0
This is an extremely new group and my desire is to bring to you the highest quality creations of Incredimail Creators
Once I find a Set/Tag that I feel you would love, I will offer this to you.
I pers
20 LMKuhns PSP&IM Creations
0 0
LMKuhns PSP&IM Creations is where goodies made by Lisa Marie Kuhn in Paint Shop Pro and Incredimail are shared with the world. The site hosts freebies and Members Only items as well as my subscription
21 Cyndis_Stats_n_Stuff
0 0
This is a GREAT group for Personalized Stats, some Tags, great Friends, all in all just fun. Incredimail is a MUST no E/A/C
22 LittleLogCabin Always List
0 0
My always list, I share Primitive, Cutsey, Becky Kelly, D Hron, TKogut, Some Me, Cute Pinups, Americana/Patriotic, Tag List, and similar. Share will only be by me.
23 TSFandG
0 0
Come join in on the fun and games along with many tags and Incredimail stats. You must have and use Incredimail to be a member of this group. AC is not acceptable here. Tags are made regularly for the members. Play Bingo with the other members. Take t
24 Posers and Cookie Tags Galore
0 0
I personally love Poser Dolls as well as these adorable new Cookie Dolls.

In this group i will be the only one posting. I will be offering both Poser and Cookie Doll tags up for request.
Some poser dolls may be SAC as some wear short, short dresses
25 Powerhouse IM
0 0
We offer the very finest IncrediMail Stationery and tags from a group of very talented creators. None of our taggers script. Having IncrediMail is a requirement.

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