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Welcome to Kimbearly's A list of IM and PSP groups

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We share incredimail,tags,notifiers,skins and music.Some recipes.Very busy
Group.No AC.

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26 FriendsCreating
0 0
Do you like getting new family friendly cute Incredimail letters? Matching tags for the IM letters? Enjoy getting other tag offer's as well? If so, then please, join us! We are a ladies only group a
27 Connies Cute Tags
0 0
Request Only Group. If you love to collect Sig Tags this is the place for you! Come join my "Request" only list and start collecting some tags. I do not, and will not offer any tags with "adult"
28 Gloryboundcreations2
0 0
Christian Group. Must have incredimail to join. Will be asked to prove it. I make Christian, scenery, cute. I make tags to match stat's. Come join the fun. Devotionals and prayer request are part of
29 tools4Jjesus_creations
0 0
An always Incredimail letter group by Nancy and Ellen. Devotionals, and Post and Voice Messages from Ma
30 Dezining Women Creations
0 0
This group is the always list for Designs by TNT and RMW Creations. Tutorials, stats, and tags will be shared.
31 Challenge Me PSP
0 0
Do you like PSP? Do you enjoy challenges? If so come join us at Challenge Me PSP. Challenges are sent out three times a week and include, fonts,tubes,tutorials,graphics,masks and anything else having to do with PSP. We also have a fortnight challenge that
32 GorjussFans
0 0
If you love Suzanne Woolcott's art , then you have found the right group!! Not just a "Group" but a " Family" ..... A "Family" that is happy to promote Suzanne Woolcott's art by making and/or sharing Tags, Snags and Stationery, mostly for Incredimail but
33 ForeverFriendsIMShares
0 0
This is a group of friends that love to have fun! We share all things for Incredimail and PSP!
We love to Laugh, have a good time and make friends while sharing in our love of Incredimail!
We allow you to just be free and have a good time! Light adult a
34 ACFC Members Site
0 0
ACFC Members Site
This is a site for members only to receive my New PSP Tutorials (In Word and IncrediMail format)
I also have games, prizes, personalized desk tops, personalized tags, personalized st
35 Mystical Cutie
0 0
If you like Mystical cuties then this is the group for you ,sharing Angels,Fairies,unicorns,
waterfalls anything with a mystical magic theme in letters,tubes,tags,graphics,extras No Adult or Gothic allowed a Family friendly group
36 English Rose Creators
0 0
Welcome to English Rose Creators ~ Incredimail Collections by myself and my 2 very dear friends Selina & Kate plus our Guest Creators Julia, Melody & Sherri. I'm so glad you are here. This is a low volume group where only we, the creators will post our n
37 Golden Girls PSP and Graphics
0 0
Here you will be able to send in and snag anything to do with PSP. Tubes, graphics, plugins, masks, anything to use in PSP. You can even send in new tutorials as they are released as long as you have
38 Little Taggies
0 0
Animated tags always made by me from small to medium size (from animals, cuties, HOLIDAYS, etc) that I do either my own or from the Web.
All tags are family friendly!
39 VeronicasAlwaysList
0 0
This is a group where you can receive all tags I make.
Tags made are cutesy to family friendly only.
The group has 8 other talented taggers on staff as well as myself.
40 leesincredimailcreations
0 0
This is the place to recieve my creations from cute to seasonal.for incredimail only.all are welcomed.
41 Designs By Belinda
0 0
This is a group to share my INCREDIMAIL stats as I make them. I only make INCREDIMAIL stats..If you are looking for some new Incredimail stats then click the join the group button. You will never see Satanic, Adult or Goth. I tend to do cute stats such as
42 Country Girl Creations
0 0
If you like to snag Incredimail stationery with blank tags this is the place to be. This is a family friendly group. We sometimes make desktop wallpaper to match the stationery. Come join us..
43 Graphics For Friends
0 0
We are a group not ashamed of loving the Lord. We share anything for PSP, Graphics, Extras, IM Stats and more. We are more than friends as we are here for each other in good times and bad. No adult, witchcraft, and gothic will be allowed.
44 TM Incredi-doodles
0 0
Myself and six other creators share our work and offer tags for request. All G rated stuff. Love to have you join!
45 LC Letters
0 0
LC IncrediMail Letters is where I share my creations. My letters have a wide range of PG subject matter.
46 KreatorsRus
0 1
We are so glad you found us! This is a place where you don't have to do a thing! Just sit back , grab a cup of coffee tea, or whatever you like and enjoy yourself! snag snag snag! This will be
47 KimbearlyDesigns
0 0
Welcome! so glad you found your way here. This group will be very Low volume. The only things posted here will be by me.
Here you will get my latest Designs I hope you enjoy them :)
Grab a cup of coff
48 IM_Notthatkindofangel
0 0
If you are looking for a fun place to laugh and joke and not have to worry about what pops out of your mouth this is the place for you! In this group our shares, for the most part, are cutesy and G or
49 KSG Kreations
0 0
This is a place to get my creations and tags as I make them. Mostly cutesy and nothing with adult content. Low volume as I'm the only one posting.
So come on in and kick back for some snagging.
50 LadyDi'sDesigns
0 0
This is an always list where I share a wide variety of Letters for IM, with matching blank tags. Family Friendly, anyone using Incredimail, & agreeing to my rules is welcome to join

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